Enjoy our sauna and jacuzzi in the middle of nature.

The gardens include a Barrel Sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi available to our guests. This should be reserved in advance. This is also possible during the stay itself. The wellness is rented per room and can be used by up to 4 people. The use of swimwear is mandatory. Children can take part in wellness but always under the watchful eye of adults. The use of the sauna and jacuzzi is at your own responsibility.

The sauna and jacuzzi are rented together for 3 hours at € 35 with max 4 people using the accommodations. Towels and bathrobes are provided.

Barrel sauna

The Barrel sauna is made in Canadian red cedar wood. It is a sustainable type of wood, resistant to all weather and wind, and spreads a pleasant aroma. The round shape of the barrel sauna provides a great and extremely comfortable sauna experience. Thanks to the round shape, the warm air circulates perfectly in the barrel and the heat does not accumulate in the corners. After a steamy sauna session, you immediately breathe in the fresh air and you can cool off by using a bucket of collected rainwater. The peaceful sauna ritual gives both body and mind a ‘boost’. The use of the sauna promotes blood circulation, increases resistance to illness and makes the body clean and relaxed. And, why not enjoy a relaxing bubble bath after the sauna.


Jacuzzi stands for relaxation! After a day of cycling or walking, there is nothing like a relaxing outdoor Jacuzzi. Warm baths were already used in Roman times to help people relax or to relieve stiff or tense muscles.

Our jacuzzi has 2 berths and 3 seats so you can find a perfect place to enjoy the 56 jets that massage your body. You can adjust lighting and extra jets yourself.

€ 35/ 3 hours

General conditions: base price valid for use of the barrel sauna and jacuzzi for 3 hours by max. 4 people. 1 bathrobe + towel / person will be provided. Don’t forget to bring your own slippers

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